Sunday, July 26, 2015

Front Porch Makeover

Sometimes, I love to be original and sometimes I feel no desire to reinvent the wheel, especially when projects are this cute!  I saw this idea on Unoriginal Mom and LOVED it.  I've wanted to do something on my front door for the longest time, but I'm not really a wreath maker, unless it involves pages from an atlas, like my DIY Book Page Wreath.  My MIL makes killer wreaths, but I haven't acquired that skill from her yet.  But this, this I could do and I happened to have extra mason jars and wood laying around so I only needed to purchase a few of the items making it incredibly inexpensive...which is my kind of project.

I pretty much duplicated exactly what she did, but made a few changes to each piece as I went.  I had burlap left from my Vintage Farm Nursery that made a return wrapped around this stunning bouquet of flowers.   

For the label, I probably created more work than what was necessary for myself (as always) but I used my wood transfer technique to create the outline and then painted it in with chalkboard paint.  I should have done two coats, but I was too excited to hang it!

I accidentally spilled my stain ALL OVER the garage floor and didn't notice until it was dry (awesome...sorry honey).  So to create a stained look, I watered down black acrylic paint and it worked PERFECTLY!  I'm glad I have a new technique to add the the book of ideas.  I may try it with a colored acrylic paint to see what different paint effects I can make.  (posts to come I'm sure)

What I love about the front porch is that it has patterns and details that you will see throughout the house so it creates a welcoming flow.  I have mason jars hanging in my living room and you can see the chevron pattern on the shelf in the entry way.  Just through the foyer, is my gallery wall which displays another chalkboard, similar to the one on the porch.  Even the color of the chalkboard appears in the wreath.  Makes me happy :)  

Oh, I love it.  I keep looking at pictures and fall in love all over again!  Now everytime I drive by, I slow down and admire the beauty!  Along with the mounted mason jar pallet, I wanted to hang a colorful chalkboard, apparently I'm obsessed with chalkboards.  I had my husband make this one but I made it the same way I made the one hanging on my Gallery Wall.

I have wanted something this color of blue for the longest time but I wasn't able to quite find the place for something that color in my house.  So when I decided to make a chalkboard, this color had no other contenders!

The combination between the teal and pink is perfect and makes an awesome statement on my front porch!

And yes, my American flag still sits on my front porch.  I hope to keep it there but it doesn't fit in too well with my new additions so I will be working on how I tie all of them together.  We are adding planters with perennials in the fall so I'm sure we'll come up with something by then!  But for now, I'm happy just as it is!

I hope you found some inspiration in these pictures!