Saturday, August 9, 2014

NOT Design Challenged

I got to thinking about my post about the Living Room.  We really aren't Design Challenged.  Our family room is nicely done, minus a few small ever changing details, like what goes on the shelves in the entertainment unit.  As it is with most people, it just takes time to get everything just the way you want it, unless you 're one of those people.  I like to make a lot of decor or find things that are unique to "our story". 
We got our couch from a local furniture store, Norwood.  We originally had a cream colored cushion and we replaced them with the brown...after the first one was born.  Our S table and ottoman came from the Potato Barn, which is becoming one of favorite stores to shop at.  They have really unique pieces and their prices are really reasonable. The lamps and wall decor are from Kirklands.  And you recognize the blue recliner right?  It doesn't look that bad in this room.  Right?  RIGHT?
We designed this unit from Ikea.  My husband had SO much fun putting it together.  5 trips BACK to Ikea in ONE week.  By me.  I made the trek. 
I made the puff on the left out of coffee filters, a foam ball and a candle stick holder from the Dollar Tree.  Photography by Raw Canvas Photography
 I really like the edges of these books.  One is an old Bible and the other two are Bible Studies.  The spines aren't too exciting so I decided to face them page side out.
 They are sitting with the candles from our wedding.  Needs a little more "oomph", don't you think?  It's more "oomphy" at Christmas time.
 A pop of red never hurt anyone, I always say.

My sister bought me this old camera from an antique store and I absolutely love how unique it is.  I made the flowers out of coffee filters and the sign on the left is something my sister made me.  We have a Pinners group at church that meets a few times a year to create a project from Pinterest.  This group happened to make these from Simply Stoked.

 The blue chair...upclose.  Don't worry, that pillow is getting recovered for the Living Room.
 One of my favorite pieces.  Most ceiling fans are so ugly and I refuse to have an ugly ceiling fan.  We bought 5 new ceiling fans for our house this past spring.  We made three trips back to the store.  My husband put up and took down two fans and had to go back for a different part for another one.  But look how pretty?
 This is my sentimental cabinet.  I have my silver, crystal and china given to me from Grandmothers on either side of my family.  We designed this unit at Ikea as well.  Don't worry, we have the bottom one locked so curious hands do not touch what they are not supposed to.  I believe in having pretties and children in the same room at the same time.

 My youngest, Dax.  Photography by yours truly.
 Oh good, I was worried you wouldn't be able to see my reflection.  I actually served coffee out of this set last Christmas.  We were all scared to drink the coffee.  I think I'll stick to a normal coffee pot this year.

 This is our wedding bouquet in a spray painted vase.  Photography by Raw Canvas Photography.
 You'll never guess where the mirror is from?  Ikea!  It's so popular and for obvious reasons.  Where else can you get a gigantic mirror for $99?  The lanterns are from Kirklands and the hooks are from Rod Works.
 These parsons chairs aren't my favorite.  They were when I bought them, but not now.  I may be reupholstering them in the future.  Our table is also from Potato Barn.  We opted just to buy the table without the chairs.  I don't think we will be doing that again, now I really wish we had the matching chairs!

 Backsplash coming soon....We painted our doors a while back.  We LOVE the difference that it made in our house.
 Forgive me for the fingerprints.  We have switched around most of the locks in the house because of....
 this boy!  Who is wondering what I am doing. 
Oh my.  How perfectly chunky.

So that is our family room and a little taste of our dining room and kitchen.  Proof that we're not completely designed challenged.