Friday, August 15, 2014

New Curtains

Hooray, hooray!
It's curtain day!
Our Living Room Project is well under way! 

I have completed one piece of wall art (post to follow), painted the clock and hung curtains.  Yes, we hung the curtains before we actually painted the walls.  We were just too excited to wait!  After seeing them hung we decided to make fabric tie backs with left over fabric from our pillow project.  For now, they are hanging straight.  By the way, EXCITING NEWS!  I now have a sewing machine.  I think my first project will be the curtain tie backs.  I don't dare venture any further without proper sewing lessons (or YouTube videos).  Although, I am the type of person who just jumps right on in to a project and figures it out as I go.  I think this drives my husband crazy because he always has a plan.  It's a nice balance. 

 My husband is my curtain man.  I iron them, he hangs them and fluffs them. 

 Excuse me honey while I "document" this.

Even though the curtains are white, they added so much warmth to the room.  It's amazing how much curtains will do for a room.  You can change a room so much just by adding curtains and new pillows to your couch.  You're gotta start somewhere!

It started raining after my husband finished hanging the curtains.  We absolutely love the rain.  Partly because we are deprived of it and partly because my father-in-law was an Air Force meteorologist for 23 years.  We can't help but love the weather.

 Our neighbors were out splashing in the puddles.  Rain is a big deal where we live!

My heart is melting.
What a perfect end to the day.