Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Christmas Art Work {freebie}

I am totally okay with the chalkboard and subway art fad.  The possibilities of designing seem endless.  I would love (one day) to sell art but for now I'll hand it out for free!

For the past 3 years my church has a Holiday Extravaganza.  Our Women's Ministry team gets together and plans a night to bring the latest Holiday trends to life to share and inspire others.  We have different idea booths, giveaways and a hot chocolate bar.  My booth this year is all about gift to give to other people.  Whether it's the mailman, co-workers or neighbors I have some great inexpensive ideas that I think you'll really like!  But for today, I'm sharing my artwork with you!

I designed these and sent them to Wal-Mart to have them printed as mounted photos.  Have you ever done that before?  A lot of places are now offering canvas, faux canvas or mounted photos.  Printing mounted photos is about half the cost of printing on canvas.  I know Wal-Mart has it's ups and downs but I have to say that their photo department is a definite up.  I have always had great success with prints and these mounted photos are NO exception.  They turned out absolutely beautiful!

I've uploaded .jpegs to share with you so if you choose to send them off to get printed you shouldn't have a problem with quality.  It will also allow you to change sizes if you need too.

Here is a picture of the side of the mounted photo.  You can get the sides in silver or black.

You can hang the photo OR you can screw in the peg and make it stand up on a table.  Or just do what I did and stand it up on it's side.

As you can tell, this is not a mounted photo.  I had an 8x10 printed and put in a frame I painted.  The frame is sitting in a cookbook holder. 

When I researched Christmas subway art I saw this color combination all over the place.  I LOVE these colors!  It conveniently matches a few other Christmas decor items I have.  I can't wait to display it in my house.   

My MIL loves the Grinch.  She sent me a project she wanted to make with this saying on it.  I thought I'd save her some time and energy by designing one and printing it for her.  I had one printed for her and one as a giveaway.  At $12.96 for a mounted photo you can't really go wrong!  

Get your FREE downloads below:
Baby It's Cold Outside
Newborn  King
The Grinch

I hope you enjoy!