Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trip back "Home"

I can't tell you the emotions that have swelled within me as I have gone through picture after picture of my grandparent's farm.  The memories are countless and there are times that my heart just aches to have my boys grow up knowing the ins and the outs of this place like my cousins and I do.  So much of this place is who I am.  We spent so many winters sledding the hills (when it snowed) and exploring the woods during the summer, galloping around on horseback (when I wasn't scared) and catching lightning bugs in jars.  We picked blackberries so Mim could make blackberry cobbler and ate ham, friend chicken, cornbread and chili until we were so full we could burst. I'll never get enough of this place. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the trip.  Thank you for letting me share them. 

Doesn't look real does it?


Mim calls this her "yacht".  Fitting, don't you think?  ;)

There have been so many people walk across this bridge.  My grandparents have hosted many missionaries, pastors, family and friends over the many years they have lived here.  And now, the footprints of little great grandchildren can be added to the many who have been blessed by my grandparents. 

What's a trip to the farm without overalls?  Or a ride on the tractor?

Thank you Mim and Papa for your prayers, your patience, unconditional love, mixed peanut butter and jellies, fishing lessons, horserides, stories, back scratches, dresses that you made us (and our dolls), and your faith.