Monday, August 11, 2014


We have our fabrics all picked out for our pillows.  Our curtains are ready to be hung, but can you believe I bought the wrong size curtain rod?  What are the chances?  Luckily, we had the curtains already.  Guess where we bought them?  IKEA!  Ikea is THE place to buy curtains when you are on a budget.  They have nice long curtains and incredible prices with packages that include both panels.  These particular curtains were actually 118 inches long and came with hemming tape.  Please hem your curtains.  For nearly a year we had clumps of curtain on our floor.  My mom says that having lots of extra curtain fabric is a sign or prosperity.  I think it's a sign of laziness.  If only my mom had taught me to sew....thank goodness for hemming tape.  I was so proud of myself for hemming the curtains by myself.  Did I hem them backwards?  Yes I did.  Did I fix my problem?  Yes I did.  Are my curtains the same length?  We'll find out once I exchange my curtain rod for the right size.  Who said that redecorating was easy?

We bought our fabrics at Hobby Lobby.  I LOVE my guaranteed 40% off coupon.

Look at the glorious hem.  This is the one I did right.
This is the one I had to fix.
I love chevron.  It's so overused but I love it.  How can you not?

Do you like the walker in the background?  My dad bought it for my oldest.  It of course had to be a car.  No other walker would suffice. 

We wanted modern patterns with colors that would compliment and soften the blue.  We have 5 pillows that we (my MIL) are covering.  Two will be in the blue and cream and there will be one pillow for the other patterns.  Because we have two chevron designs we will make one rectangle and one square. 
Recovering existing pillows is a great way to redecorate and save.  It's just the way to go.  This is a thicker fabric so my pillows will be a little more sturdy. 
My MIL has made pillows for both of my boys' rooms.  I'll have to show their rooms off in another post.  They are of course completely done.  Our room isn't, but theirs is.  Is that how it always works?  After our living room, our master bedroom will be the next on the list to tackle.