Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Volunteer Appreciation-Thanks A Latte!


I absolutely LOVE my job.  Yes, I am technically a stay at home mom, but I do have a part time job as the Early Childhood Director at my church.  I schedule volunteers, teach preschoolers, hold babies manage curriculum and I do my best to train our volunteers how to be the most effective in the classroom.  I have a growing list of 50+ volunteers and coordinate up to 16 each weekend.  There are volunteers who have served for 20 years and others who are just starting out.  No matter how long they've been serving or how often you can never say THANK YOU enough!  

Last week we had a training for all of our new Kids Ministry workers and we wanted to have a gift for each one to take home.  This gift idea is all over Pinterest and there are variations for every type of budget.  We had over 30 volunteers to plan for so we were definitely wanting the most cost effective approach. I thought of these Maxwell House Iced Lattes immediately.  I have tried them in the past and have found they are pretty tasty! So for a box of 6 it cost me $1.90 (give or take) at Super Wal-mart but I also found them at Winco for $1.80.  I purchased the gift bags at Super Wal-mart, 25 for $2.00 (I bought two).  I gave everyone two packets and ending up spending about $1 per person.  They were so easy to put together and the volunteers loved them!  

My thing is, "it's all in the packaging".  You can give something so simple and inexpensive but if you present it well you'll turn something simple into something special.  

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