Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Living Room {Part II}

It has been so fun working along side my husband to transform our Living Room into a place we want to be.  Do you have a room like that in your house?  A room that you want to want to sit in but you end up avoiding it instead?  That's how we have felt about our Living Room for quite some time.  I mean, have you seen the before pictures?  It definitely needed some work!  I've been wanting to buy new furniture ever since we moved in but we kept having babies instead!  We decided to take things we have around the house and make it into a room that we want to be in.  The couches are pretty comfortable but the hand me down decor is starting to date itself.  It's the first room people see when they walk in so we want it to set the tone for the rest of our house.

Our To-Do List included:
  1. Paint the walls {check}
  2. Make new pillow cases {almost check...3/5 are complete}
  3. Hang curtains {check}
  4. Paint the clock {check}
  5. Make new sconces
  6. Make "new" pallet wall decor {almost check}
  7. Build end pieces
  8. New curtain tie backs (I added this one)
We are almost there!  I am experimenting with a few accent pieces that I'll share if they turn out.  They are one of those, "I wonder what would happen if..." experiments.    

This weekend we should be able to start working on our Rustic X tables.  We are going back and forth between building the end tables or a coffee table.  We think that having a coffee table may make the room look a little more complete but haven't quite made the decision yet!  The yellow clock is, yes, very yellow.  We have more yellows coming in other places that will help bring a balance to the room.  It's not done, but we're so happy with what we've accomplished!

Thank you to my amazing MIL for doing such a PERFECT job on our pillows!