Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Peel Corn

Are you laughing at me?  How to peel corn?  Well, let me tell ya, peeling corn is MESSY!  And if you can show me a cleaner way to do it, I'm all for it!   I discovered this method this summer.  The corn crop is so good this year!  I've been buying local and organic fruits and vegetables this summer and the corn is to die for and I've ordered extra corn every week!  Some say corn is good for you, some say it's bad for you.  I say it's a whole food and it's delicious.  So here is how you peel it. 

1.  Cut both ends off with a sharp knife.
2.  Cut a slit in the husk from end to end.
3.  Peel back husk and corn silks.
4.  Remove cobb.
5.  Discard husk.

There is many-a-way to enjoy corn on the cobb.  My favorite is grilled in foil with olive oil and lime juice.  I usually cut it off the cobb and enjoy it with salads or dishes like my Mexican Cauliflower Rice.

 What's your favorite way to eat corn?