Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hanging Lightbulb Vase

I am in love with these little guys.  We made these to hang on a picture tree for my father-in-law's 60th surprise party.  These are not standard light bulbs as you can see they have flat bottoms so they can stand upright and they obviously don't omit any light.  They are crafting light bulbs bought from the glass section of Hobby Lobby, and yes, they were 50% off.  They have both large and small light bulbs but for this project I chose to do the small bulbs.

It required a little bit of work (on my husband's part).  He had to break the awl of the light bulb (the glass tip of the gold part) by taking a hammer and tapping it until it broke, then he removed any little pieces of glass shards that remained.  This can be dangerous so make sure you do this in a garage or outside and then vacuum or sweep up and pieces of glass. Then he wrapped metal wire around them so we could hang them on the tree.  YES!  It's that easy!  Wouldn't these make a fantastic wedding centerpiece?