Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Sconces

I love all things mason jars!  I'm very picky about what band wagons I jump on and this is one I had no problem hopping on!  I've mentioned Mim several times in my posts and my About Me page and she is the reason why I love them!  She always has a mason jar of really strong black tea sitting on her counter.  She just pours a little in a cup then adds her water and ice.  We love them so much that we've started drinking out of them ourselves!

When we started our Living Room project, I knew I wanted to make mason jar sconces to replace our old ones.  I looked up several different styles and combined a few different types to make these.  My husband helped me on these some but for the most part this project was all mine!  It feels good to make something yourself doesn't it?

We used left-over 2x6 from our rustic-x coffee table and cut them down to 25 inches in length, the length of our old sconces.

Then, we cut a second piece that was 6 inches.  But before we screwed that piece, we glued and screwed our triangle to the bottom of our 6 inch piece, making it a little easier to secure.

We secured it from the back by pre-drilling and counter sinking our screws so they were flush with the wood.  I stained them with a diluted black stain to match our coffee table then used 2 heavy duty d brackets on the back of each sconce to hang them on the wall.

You'll want to make sure to put your d brackets on before you hang your jar! To hang them, I used 1 inch thick eye hooks.  To attach the wire to the jar, I removed the seal cap and screwed two tiny holes (big enough for the wire to go through) on each side of the screw on lid, then I laced the wire through the drilled holes and then twisted the wire up and around itself and attached the jar. Did you follow that?  There are a few different ways to attach the wire and the eye hook, you'll find whichever way works for you.  We attached the eye hook to the sconce first, strung the wire through then attached the wire to the lid AND THEN screwed on the jar.  Whew.  What a process.  It's easy, I promise.

We wanted the jars to hang down 6 inches from the eye hook which took careful measuring!  I started out with 18 inch wire then cut it down as I went to make sure they hung evenly.

These jars completely finished the room.  They most definitely compliment the large yellow clock and tone it down.  Have I mentioned that I love this room?