Sunday, September 7, 2014

Living Room Pillows

You must see the incredible job my MIL did on these pillows.  Gosh, I am so pleased.  She made sure the seams were perfect and that the designs matched.  And they do.  Perfectly.  PERFECTLY.

If you haven't see the "before" pictures of the Living Room, you have to see the dramatic difference between then and now.  Between paint, new decor and pillows we are transforming this room!    

We finally have more yellow to help balance out the clock.  We will be making curtain tie backs with the yellow chevron to help spread it out.  Yellow is so fun, isn't it?
I love these two patterns together.
 Look what an incredible job she did!  This was no easy task. 
 Beautiful, just beautiful.
 I want to spend all of my time in our Living Room.  Just sitting and staring at everything.

I love them!  We can't wait to get our rustic x table complete!  It should be assembled this weekend and we will be sanding and staining this week.  Hopefully I'll be posting pictures next weekend!