Friday, September 5, 2014

Toddler Snack Attack: Cream Cheese Cracker Sandwhich

My toddler did so well as a baby with his vegetable purees and now he won't touch vegetables.  He doesn't eat meat either unless it's a chicken nugget (even that can be difficult).  It's so frustrating trying to figure out what to feed him.  We rotate between mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and grilled cheese.  Occasionally I can get some pasta with red sauce and maybe a bite of meatball.  How many of you feel my agonizing pain?   

Tonight after he had eaten a few bites of his "chickens" he was ready for something else.  I had to think on my toes before the chicken ended up on the floor.  I threw on my mom cape, ran to the pantry and spotted crackers. Oh! With....cream cheese!  Yes!  Oh wait, with honey and cinnamon too!  Winner winner chicken cracker dinner!  I think he ate about 6 little sandwiches.  (and I may have had about that many as well...)  After each bite I heard, "mmm, mmm, mmm".  Oh I wish you could hear how he says it.  Just know it's darn cute.  So I of course grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures to share this snack with you.  Sometimes you need a new idea and I hope this is it for you!  I hope your little ones love these as much as mine did!

I spread the cream cheese on one cracker then drizzled honey and sprinkled cinnamon and topped it with another cracker.  For the future, I am going to mix the cream cheese, honey and cinnamon together and just keep it in the fridge.  I'll be using it on waffles, english muffins, toast and anything else that requires this combination of flavors!

Do not give honey to a child under the age of one.

Does your little one have a favorite snack?